Individual Health Plans

The Affordable Care Act aims to see every citizen obtain health care coverage. Individual insurance is available through private insurance providers or the Louisiana Health Insurance Marketplace.

When it comes to health insurance, it is usually the employed professionals who are mostly covered. This is because healthcare plans such as Medicaid and other government-subsidized programs require applicants to be eligible and meet requirements such as citizenship, employment, and health conditions. Individuals who are unemployed, retired, or financially incapable of continuously funding the insurance usually spend more on hospitalization and medication bills because they cannot avail of insurance. Now, individual health plans are available to those who are unemployed but can still pay the premiums monthly. If you belong to one of these categories, then you may want to consider looking at health insurance coverage offered through the Louisiana Health Insurance Marketplace.

Self Employed

If you not a professional worker and are someone who owns a small business in the suburbs, you can still apply for a health insurance plan as long as you have constant income flow every month. Talk to a trusted insurance agent as recommended by the Department of Insurance so you are confident that transactions you make are flawless.

Companies without Insurance

Even if you are working full time, it does not necessarily mean that your company subsidizes health care plans for its employees. In some cases, this is part of the cost-cutting procedures a company undertakes especially if the capital is not enough.

Temporary Employees

What is disadvantageous about being a temporary employee is that your employer cannot provide you with healthcare plans as well as other benefits apart from the income tax. If this is your case, you can apply for a personal health care plan and you are obliged to pay the premium every month.


Students can also avail of state-run healthcare plans through their working parents. If you are still studying, your parents have the option to automatically enlist you as their primary beneficiaries. Thus, you are entitled up to 100% claim of your parents’ healthcare fund.

There are different types of healthcare plans and because you are not automatically enrolled by your company, you always have the freedom and flexibility on what insurance you will avail, whether it is government-owned or a private company. However, take note that since you are availing an individual insurance, the monthly premium and interest rate is higher than the group insurance plan. This is because the financial risk is greater with individual health plan than the group ones.

Also, in individual insurance, the provider is required to give the claim in full to the beneficiary when it is requested by the applicant. While if it is a group insurance, the insurance provider is obliged to give the claim only to individuals who need it at that time, thus giving them the opportunity to take hold of the remaining fund.

Today, buying health care plans are considered as a safety net to protect your family not only from diseases but also from continuously rising cost of hospitalization and medication. If you intend to do this, start as early as possible – as early as you are still starting your family so you can gain its full advantage.